The Re-Imagined Movie Poster Art Of Sean Hartter

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04.16.12 2 Comments

Back in January, my Uproxxian brother from another set of parents, Maske, brought us the incredible re-imagined movie poster art of designer Peter Stults, which included a version of The Big Lebowski that makes me want to invent a Hot Tub Time Machine to travel back in time to produce. But lost in the awesomeness of Stults’ efforts was his inspiration – Sean Hartter.
Who is Sean Hartter, you ask? Just a bad ass designer who makes some kickass posters and illustrations for a variety of magazines, comic books and TV shows. One of his longest running projects, though, is the very same idea that influenced Stults to make his designs. On his blog site, aptly-named Hartter, Sean has been posting his own re-imagined movie posters for the past three years, whenever he has a little extra time.
Whether mainstream or obscure, Sean’s many efforts are all quite impressive – especially to a guy who spends his spare time photoshopping dogs dressed like lobsters into pictures of Kate Upton – and I’ve included my favorites after the jump.

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