The Robert Downey Jr. Acting Venn Diagram

The original purpose of my latest pop culture venn diagram was to illustrate my appreciation for — and fascination with — the career of Robert Downey Jr., but now I feel like I’m kind of endorsing him to play the first black Batman, and if that’s the case, so be it. If you’ve ever seen Johnny Be Good you’ll agree he can pull it off.

Just a decade ago RDJ was finally getting clean and kicking himself for getting fired by Ally McBeal. Today he’s one of the finest movie stars going. Quite the rebound. So even if the new Sherlock Holmes flick wasn’t already trending surprisingly well on Rotten Tomatoes I’d plan on checking it out because I’m a sucker for all things RDJ. Coining “full retard” while in black face is the sort of thing that makes me a fan for life.