The Rock Would Like To Inspire/Threaten You Into Voting This Election Courtesy Of A Cheery Jingle

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a large muscly man with a lot of money, a lot of projects and a lot of zeal for getting Americans to register to vote. Will a song endorsed by The Rock get you to vote? If so, hit play on the video above and get to registering.

Johnson and his Seven Bucks Production team have knocked out a goofy musical number illustrating how easy it is to register to vote. Crafted while the Ballers star is hard at work filming whatever glorious madness Jumanji will bring, the short video sells how 94 seconds is a totally reasonable amount of time registering to make your voice heard this election.

“You can tie your shoes, you can sing the blues,” sing the Rock’s band. “You can go out and b*tch slap a candy-ass jabroni if you choose,”

And if you don’t register to vote? The Rock’s going to show up and coerce you to vote somehow. Possibly with the People’s Elbow, possibly with the threat of making would-be vote skippers watch Doom on a loop. The message is important (registering to vote is easy, also jabronis), although it’s a bit disappointing we didn’t get something in the neighborhood of “It Doesn’t Matter Part II.” Next time, maybe?

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