The Rock’s 2017 Fitness Regimen Includes A Toilet Nestled Among His Weights, Possibly Sparks New Trend

How’s hitting the gym been for you in 2017? Do you need a toilet nearby? There’s no shame in it. Look! It’s box office megastar and human muscle farm Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson improving his health with a spare commode near his multimillion dollar eyebrows! Could 2017 see a sizzling hot new era for toilets in fitness? Probably not, but The Rock can explain why he’s proudly displaying this photo featuring a new porcelain bud.

“Yup, there’s a toilet in the squat rack,” explains The Rock. “We got after it hardcore this week at my good bud @gunnarfitness’ spot in LA. Intense chest, tri’s and neck training. Gunnar keeps a toilet (non-functioning;) in the rack which a whole other level of psychological bad assery.”

So there’s a psychological element to it, eh? We suppose that makes more sense than presuming the man takes monster dumps while clangin’ and bangin’, but, um, maybe we could use a bit more background on what that “bad assery” is.

“My old man used to kick my ass so hard in the gym when I was a kid he’d say, ‘if you’re gonna throw up go out side.. and if you’re gonna cry then go home to your mother,'” explains the WWE legend. “If only we had this brilliant toilet in the gym idea when I was a kid I’d would’ve never had to go outside.”

Some of us prefer to have a toilet nearby because we vomit frequently and have an unhealthy attachment to our moms, but we suppose it’s hard to argue with the Baywatch star’s results. Shine on, you enormous diamond.