The Second ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Trailer Is Finally Here, And It’s Bringing Violent, Psychotic Buddy Comedy Fun With It

The first Grand Theft Auto V trailer focused on ex-bank robber Michael and just how pretty Rockstar’s latest virtual sandbox is going to be. Now, after over a year, the second trailer is finally here and it introduces the game’s other two main characters — psychotic, drug addicted Trevor and repo man hoping for better things Franklin. It also gives us a taste of GTA V‘s slightly wacky, deranged buddy comedy vibe. Looks like GTA V is taking at least a little bit of inspiration from competitors like the Saint’s Row series and cutting back on some of the self-seriousness of GTA IV.

Anyways, enough talk! Hit the jump for the trailer…

So, I guess this one’s happening more or less in the current day? The clothes and cars would indicate that, but that damn Stevie Wonder song makes everything scream THE NINETEEN EIGHTIES in capital letters.

Oh, and since it’s been a while, here’s the first GTA V trailer again…

I’ll admit, I’ve grown a bit weary of sandbox games in recent years, but this looks pretty damn rad. What do you folks think?

via PC Gamer