The Seth Rogen Pop Culture References Supercut

A week ago, when I was hyping up the freshly sparked epic beef between Jonah Hill and Matthew Morrison, I made note that of all the Apatow gang Seth Rogen is the one trick pony. I didn’t mean for this to imply that I don’t like Seth Rogen, just that he’s tip-toeing into Ben Stiller territory — bombarding us with projects where he plays the same lead over and over ad nauseum. From the solid trailers, the early positive reactions, and awkward Patrick Swayze cancer jokes I’m prepared for 50/50 to be excellent. And it’s exactly the type of role Rogen should make his wheelhouse. Because even though he’s a one trick pony, he’s pretty f’n good at that one trick: pop culture-heavy one-liners.

Our friends at Vulture seem to agree. In their latest terrifically succinct supercut — that was prompted by Rogen’s “Every celebrity beats cancer” pep talk from the 50/50 trailer — they’ve melded almost every on screen Seth Rogen pop culture reference dating back to the Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, and even Dawson’s Creek guest appearance days.

Moral of the story: More Wilmer Valderrama burns, less Green Hornet. Clear? NSFW audio.

Source: Vulture