The Single Worst Hurricane Sandy Tweet Of Course Came From The New York Post

New York City is a mess this morning. More so than usual. Subways and buses are temporarily obsolete, trees are down, power stations have exploded, the entirety of the East Village is underwater, the poop-filled Gowanus Canal is flooding, and at least 10 people have died. This is the kind of event that usually brings the awful residents, myself included (did I bitch about losing Internet for an hour? Yes, I did), of this awful city together. Even Rex Ryan’s obese brother Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, which was hit as bad as NY, if not worse, had nice things to say about President Obama, his political enemy.

But leave it to the New York Post to say something utterly confounding in its stupidity.

I mean, come on, New York Post — that’s not even Wall Street. That photo was CLEARLY taken in the East Village. Oh, also that whole wishing a watery death for a member of a peaceful protest thing isn’t cool, either.

Hope everything out there’s safe.

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