The Skeletor Baby Doll Beats Out All The Other Creepy Dolls

We’ve been to a comics store, we get it: Collectors will buy anything. But this might be going a little too far, even by that standard.

Yes, Mattel is making a Skeletor baby doll you can buy and put in your house to terrify people. Celebrating a Robot Chicken sketch where Skeletor turns himself into a baby and discovers he likes it a little too much, here’s what you get for your $35:

A must-have for true MOTUC fans, Baby Skeletor™ measures 12” tall (a total of 15” when sitting on his evil royal potty, including the potty) with articulation at the legs, shoulders and neck, and a face only a mother could… nope, sorry… even she thinks he’s hideous. The childish commander and his commode arrive in a unique closed-box throne package, and comes with a removable “Born to Rule” baby t-shirt and his Havoc Staff rattle.

Yes, you read that correctly. He comes with his very own evil toilet. Here’s a photo!

Gee, we can’t imagine why you’ve got to be 18 or older to buy this thing. And why is Panthor circling the pot, there? What, just because Robot Chicken didn’t make a Kitten Panthor, he’s stuck decorating the toilet like it’s a van from the ’70s?

This will be available soon. And we’re looking forward to Baby Skeletor’s inevitable team-ups with Creepy Woody on DeviantArt.