‘The Slap’ Is The More Honest Sequel To That Strangers Kissing Video

Senior Pop Culture Editor
06.24.14 3 Comments

Have you ever wondered what it’d look like if Haley Joel Osment got into a slap fight with a pretty blond woman? Well, have I got a video for you, you abusive psycho. “The Slap” comes from Max Landis, who has a long, boring reason for why he made the video…

I gathered acquaintances, friends both casual and close, paired them randomly, put them in a void, and asked them to hit each other in the face. No one was pressured, and everyone was hit as hard as THEY asked to be hit. (Via)

…but really, it’s just an excuse to watch attractive people hit other attractive people, which is something we NEVER see in the movies or on TV. (It’s worth noting that “The Slap” is being billed as a REAL version of that Strangers Kissing clip, with Landis claiming, “Less than half of the people in the video are actors or models, and none of them were paid.” I (slap) bet that’s malarkey, though.)

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