The Teen Who Took A Smiling Concentration Camp Selfie Regrets Nothing

You gotta give Breanna Mitchell, the Alabama teen who take a smiling selfie in front of Auschwitz, causing an Internet flame war not seen since the last time a teen did something really stupid, credit for one thing: she has strong convictions…NOT UNLIKE HITLER. I mean, what?

Anyway, Mitchell appeared on something called TakePart Live, where she told Meghan McCain (oh boy) that if she could go back in time to not take the photo, she’d still take the photo.

“Honestly I don’t think I would do anything differently just because I didn’t mean any harm. And I’ve told everyone my story behind it. So that’s the only reason why I don’t regret taking it.” (Via)

I believe Mitchell. I genuinely think she didn’t know she was doing something that could be considered offensive when she took a smiling selfie in a concentration camp where thousands of people died less than a century ago. Yet that’s somehow more discomforting than if she did.

Via Metro