The Two Best ‘Star Trek’ Captains Reunited Via Twitter…To Bitch About Their Cable Providers

Patrick Stewart, the Oh Captin Picard, My Captain Picard of my heart on Star Trek: The Next Generation, recently moved to Brooklyn (HIPSTER LOLZ), but he’s not very happy. No, he hasn’t been asked to say, “Make it so,” by every passing Redditor, although that might also be true. Instead, he’s been trying to set up an account with Time Warner Cable, a foe craftier and more ruthless than even the most malfunctioning Borg.

He took to Twitter to complain, where he came across a Twitter user who’s been having similar problems.

If William Shatner himself can’t get a cable company to respond quickly, what hope do the rest of us have? Clearly, Time Warner isn’t a fan of cheeky covers of ’90s Brit-pop classics, which is obviously the thing Shatner’s best known for. This story has a happy ending, though: Patrick Stewart went with Dish.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Sisko and Jonathan Archer have nearly attached a piece of string to two cans, so things are going just swell for them.

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