The USDA Won’t Let The Runaway Llamas Become Celebrities

What’s a person have to do to get famous these days? When social media initially destroyed the very last pangs of “talent,” it seemed like anyone could make it big — even the two runaway llamas in Arizona. Unfortunately, such is not the case for the black and white llamas, at least that’s according to their owners.

Bub Bullis and Karen Freund, the owners of Kahkneeta and Laney, will no longer be able to parade their precious llamas around the state:

A USDA official contacted them shortly after the Feb. 26 incident, saying they needed a license to showcase their llamas or even allow people to snap photos of them, the couple said. Neither was aware of such a policy. The husband and wife, who are both retired Phoenix police officers, had planned to continue offering the llamas for therapy and educational purposes.

“They just totally destroyed everything I had planned for my retirement,” Freund said. “We’ve taken them to schools before. Now they’re telling me I can’t do anything, even like a photo shoot.”

Freund said she is frustrated because the USDA won’t respond to any of her follow-up calls about the matter because everything has to be in writing. So they are giving up for now. (Via ABC News)

Seems like a fair deal for the llamas, especially if the law or laws being enforced by the USDA were put in place to protect show animals. Still, the news is probably devastating to Kahkneeta and Laney. What will they do now that their dreams of celebrity have been crushed by the federal government?

(Via ABC News)