The Very Best Of GIFBomb Lady

A couple of weeks ago an elderly woman attending the Texas-Kansas State basketball game unwittingly took Tumblr by storm when she accidentally video-bombed the everliving sh*t out of David Robinson during the ESPN college basketball telecast, thus creating one of the most important GIFs of 2012 so far. I was compelled to randomly include it in the close-out-the-week musical post because I couldn’t find any other spot for it but it simply had to be shared.

In the weeks since new Tumblr GIFBomb Lady! has dedicated itself to spreading the internet legend of GIFBomb Lady by having her bomb any and all GIFs they can get there hands on. They’ve already compiled a ton of them, but here are my 15 favorite (read: the very best).

SPOILER ALERT: Olivia Wilde’s jiggle for comedy is first up.