The Winners And Losers Of The 2014 Surf City Surf Dog Competition

On Sunday, the city of Huntington Beach, California once again played host to the most important athletic event of the year – the Surf City Surf Dog competition. For the last six years, charitable dog owners have been sliding into their wetsuits and plopping their furry best friends on their long boards for the sake of raising money for Surf Dog’s variety of canine charity partners, and this year was reportedly the best in the event’s short history. According to the Orange County Register, Surf Dog organizer Lisa Scolman claimed that as many as 65 dogs hit the water to help raise more than $6,000.

“This is our largest event yet,” said organizer Lisa Scolman, 50, of Oceanside. “It’s exciting to see where dog surfing is going and to see it growing and growing.”

Hold on, Lisa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Can dogs actually surf?

“Dogs can really, really surf,” Scolman said.

Thanks for clearing that up. As always, the details of the Surf Dog event are only a minor part of the story, because the photos are what really drive home the adorable fun that is had by everyone on that delightful beach. With that, let’s check out some of the best Surf Dog action shots and determine who the big winners and losers of this competition really were.

Winner: These doggies!

Winner: This bulldog!

Winner: LOOK AT HIM GO!!!

Winner: Look at these doggies!

Winner: OMG!

Winner: Hang ten, lil pooch!

Winner: Whoa, that dog’s surfing!

Winner: Just waitin’ on that wave, brah!


Winner: Double doggies!


Grand Supreme Winner: This rad doggy!

Loser: Me. Once again, I was not invited to judge. A boy can continue to dream.