‘The Witcher III: Wild Hunt’ Conjures Up Some Gameplay Footage

CD Projekt RED has an odd idea of what constitutes “gameplay footage,” as a fair chunk of this video is actually cinematics with the occasional dialogue choice. Namely, Geralt can choose to be a surly douche or just surly, but what gameplay we do see from the early part of the game is actually fairly promising.

Most interesting is the footage about nine minutes in, where Geralt fights a group of dragons and demonstrates a pretty full range of attacks, from the usual slash and stab to better ranged weapons, dodge rolls, and swimming. Of note, the enemies he’s fighting dive underwater with him, continuing the battle, so the game seems to have a few surprises along those lines.

One thing stays the same, though: The voice-acting isn’t great. Then again, we play this game to kill monsters, so that’s not a dealbreaker. We’ll find out just how many monsters we get to kill on May 19.