The Worst Trek Bracket Round Fifteen: "Angel One" Vs. "Code of Honor"

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04.13.12 23 Comments

Despite dRail aptly pointing out that not even Tony Todd could make “Prey” work (an episode so bad I forgot Todd was even in it, and I literally saw it two days ago), “Night” and its sewage aliens, sewage dumping plotline, and general sewage took the round.

And now we come to the round I placed on Friday for a reason: two of arguably the worst episodes of TNG ever aired.

“Angel One”

The Enterprise comes across a matriarchal society being disrupted by a bunch of rebellious men that want equal rights. Supposed to be a stinging criticism of sexism, it actually comes off as mocking the idea that women could ever actually hold political office by way of a fanfic you might find in the “Men’s Rights” subreddit. Also, Riker’s outfit for most of the episode is pure nightmare fuel.

“Code of Honor”

The Enterprise visits a planet “strongly reminiscent of tribal Africa”. Or, rather, what white people thought tribal Africa was like at the time. If “the time” was 1890. When the people working on the episode express opinions like “it came dangerously close to ‘Amos ‘n Andy'”, that’s when you know you’ve got a real stinkburger on your hands.

So, weigh in in the comments and let us know which one you think is worse. I’ll be honest, I’ve watched both and I usually have a clear favorite, but not this time. I really can’t call this one. Hopefully, you can.

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