The Worst Trek Bracket Round Six: "Impulse" Vs. "Skin of Evil"

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04.02.12 18 Comments

“Course: Oblivion” cleaned up in the last bracket. And this marks our first series-to-series fistfight of the bracket: “Enterprise” vs. “The Next Generation”.


Hey, remember how “28 Days Later” was a big hit? You know what would have been awesome? If it had Vulcans!

At least that was the thought process involved in this dog. Complete with a shoddy attempt at stealing the cinematography.

Skin of Evil

Trek has a lot of bottle episodes, wherein the cast is limited to one tiny location. They usually suck. This one, though, is pretty awful because it features the final, undignified departure of Tasha Yar via a guy in a oil slick suit. At least until they decided to bring her back every ten episodes as a Romulan or something.

As usual, log your votes in the comments or on Facebook! And may the best/worst episode win!

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