The Worst Trek Bracket: "These Are The Voyages…" Vs. "A Night In Sickbay"

“Move Along Home”, which tragically gave Ryan Sorensen cancer in his nerd gland, wiped the floor with “Heart of Stone” to move on to the Sulfurous Sixteen. And with that, we move to “Enterprise’s” very own bracket.

“These Are The Voyages…”

Riker and Troi return to try and make nerds forget the last four years and this series’ abrupt and embarrassing cancellation. Or maybe the writers just wanted to tell us how brilliant they were and how we didn’t get it. Either way, it didn’t work. This might literally be the last new episode of “Trek” to ever air, by the way.

“A Night In Sickbay”

Sometimes, when Trek tries to be funny, it really works. This is not one of those times. Especially since the episode tries to play Archer off as wrong when realistically speaking, the aliens he’s trying to negotiate with are a bunch of touchy, condescending douchebags. It’s hard to see how he’s not right to, say, send a diplomatic communication via photon torpedo.

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