The Worst Trek: Poop Monsters Vs. "Some Like It Quark"

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04.26.12 16 Comments

In a major upset, “These Are The Voyages…” beat “Code of Honor” for a spot in the Egregious Eight. And our final round of the Sulfurous Sixteen features a smug Voyager episode versus Quark in drag.


Voyager, Season 5, Episode 1

This was an attempt to get back to the serious “message” sci-fi that made Trek great. Instead, it was a successful achievement in reminding us how ham-fisted and just generally awful Voyager could be.

“Profit and Lace”

DS9, Season 6, Episode 23

Or, as commenter Dekker so aptly summed it up, “Some Like It Quark”. Because we wanted to see Quark with breasts, an image scientifically proven to reverse puberty in teenagers.

Log your votes in the comments or on Facebook, and remember, whichever episode wins this round is up against “Sub Rosa” in the Egregious Eight!

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