The WWE Really Is Remaking ‘Leprechaun’

If you haven’t seen the original Leprechaun, it’s one of the strangest movies you’ll ever see. It’s the kind of movie where a maudlin story about a boy and his “special” adult friend is lumped next to Warwick Davis hamming it up as a cross between Bugs Bunny and Jason Voorhees. There is no way you could make it wei-Wait, the WWE is remaking it? With Hornswoggle? So you can make it weirder!

If you’re not familiar with Hornswoggle, allow us to acquaint you!

So, you see, he’s playing against type. Good for his career!

Leaving aside their penchant for Hanna-Barbera crossovers, this is probably the strangest thing the WWE is involved in right now. But at least the guy directing is Spielberg-approved:

[Director Zach] Lipovsky has written and directed numerous short films and TV movies, and he also produced the upcoming found-footage action-thriller Ends of the Earth, which CBS Films will release in the U.S. and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions will distribute overseas.

He’s currently developing a Canadian movie about the War of 1812 in the vein of “300.”

Actually, considering how freaking terrified the Germans were of Canadian military prowess in World War I, we kind of want to see that movie. But anyway, back to Leprechaun.

Lionsgate is playing it close to the vest about this movie, apparently with plans to take it in a darker direction. You know, because a movie about a little person plotting to rape Jennifer Aniston and violently murder everyone who gets in his way is a lighthearted romp. But honestly, we want to see this because either it will be head-smackingly awful or a highly entertaining B-movie. And honestly we’re not sure which one we want to see more.