Theaters Already Hate Netflix For Theaters

I first became aware of startup MoviePass (aka “Netflix for Theaters”) earlier this week and my interest was immediately piqued. As Gizmodo explained:

Called MoviePass, it’s a service that’ll let users use a smartphone app to handle all their movie bookings. For 50 bucks a month (additional $3 for each IMAX or 3D), users of MoviePass will get unlimited access to any movie playing in participating theaters. If you’re not that psycho about watching movies, they also have a ‘lite’ package of 4 movies for 30 bucks.

The private beta is currently underway in San Francisco with hopes of rolling out the product to the masses in the not so distant future. Only one problem: Theater owners already hate it. AMC Theaters have already stated they won’t honor MoviePass and Landmark Theaters  are looking to do the same. As Collider points out, AMC doesn’t want to disrupt their own “Stubs” program and theaters/distributors are getting worked up over how MoviePass would affect grosses.

God forbid theaters think proactively and proctect themselves from the impending VOD challenges, let alone be open-minded enough to see that MoviePass would encourage more foot traffic and increased concessions purchases. I for one would welcome the idea of walking out of Transformers 3 fifteen minutes into it and not feeling like I just flushed a twenty down the toilet. Or maybe I should go ahead and preemptively thank theater owners for expediting VOD, allowing me to watch new releases pantless on my couch instead of being exposed to the rest of humanity…

Sources: Gizmodo, Collider, THR