This Theft Suspect Was Caught Wearing An Ironically Literal T-Shirt

Meet Michael Emrick, a 36-year-old Pennsylvania man who led police on an incredible chase last week. When officers responded to a 911 call reporting an alleged shoplifting incident from a Sheetz convenience store about 30 miles west of Pittsburgh Tuesday evening, they found Emrick seated in the cab of a pickup truck, which was later determined to have been stolen.

After Emrick ignored police orders to exit the vehicle, they attempted to use a taser on him which unfortunately “didn’t take.” At that point, he slammed on the gas and things went completely bananas.

As Emrick began to flee, Officer Juan Villagomez “got tangled in the mirror of the truck and was drug a short distance before being thrown violently to the ground.” Villagomez was not seriously injured.

For 15 minutes, Emrick led eight police cars on a high-speed chase that ended shortly after the suspect crashed the GMC Sierra into a shed. Emrick later abandoned the truck and got collared while “running down into the woods.”

It was only after police arrested Emrick that they noticed his T-shirt emblazoned with the extremely fitting message, “Really Good At Making Really Bad Decisions” — even more so considering that he was found with “suspected heroin needles” and drug paraphernalia.

Emrick joins the hallowed ranks of literal T-shirt offenders such as the 21-year-old DUI suspect wearing a “DRUNK AS SH*T” shirt, this 20-year-old Florida man arrested while wearing a Monopoly “Go Directly to Jail” shirt, and of course we can’t forget “I heart Crystal Meth” lady.

We salute you.

(Via Pittsburgh 11 News, The Smoking Gun)