There Is Nothing Grosser Than Watching This Guy Pull A Year-Long Ingrown Hair Out Of His Face

I am so, so sorry, everybody. I really am. But as it is mankind’s natural instinct when seeing/smelling/tasting the grossest thing ever to quickly share it with the first person you see, I have to share this video with all of you. The person who posted this on YouTube under the apt and obviously shame-hiding username “Joe Gross” says that he had “this pimple that would ooze every couple of months for the last year or so,” and that his dermatologist diagnosed it as a cyst that would need to be surgically removed. But as it turns out it was just a year’s worth of ingrown hair growing inside of his face like the ingrown hair version of a sac full of baby spiders from hell.

The video is just over a minute long but I’m ashamed to admit that I could only make it 18 seconds in before my gag reflex started trying to punch its way out of my throat and I had to stop. So if you make it past the 0:18 mark, you are a better person than I. On the plus side, before I started to watch it my mind had gotten to thinking about those Christmas cookies from my mom down in the kitchen, which I now do not even remotely want to eat. So… Guy with an Ingrown Hair is also kind of the best diet ever? I’m just going to keep this video on hand anytime I want to eat something for the next few months and watch those holiday pounds disappear!

(Reddit via Buzzfeed)