There’s A Benedict Cumberbatch Coloring Book Because Of Course There Is

Artist Mel Elliott has already created quite a few fun things at her shop, I Love Mel, like a Ryan Gosling coloring book and Simon and Garfunkel paper dolls. Now she’s added a Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book, because cash money.

This is outrageous. From the previews, I don’t see a Smaug page, which is a ridiculous oversight, because dragons. HE DID THE MOTION CAPTURE HIMSELF, PEOPLE.

Second, why is it not called “Colour Me Cumberbatch”?

The book is 16 pages and is completely unauthorized, so expect Cumberbatches of fangirls to go absolutely stark raving mad when lawyers make Elliot take it down. (Though, noted Canadian Ryan Gosling has not yet objected to his likeness being used, so maybe a polite actor precedent has been set.) It’s an interesting choice to not also have a Tom Hiddleston coloring book, but perhaps Marvel is more litigious.

The book sells for seven pounds fifty and the entire reason I agreed to do this article was so I could say seven pounds fifty. You might think “Hey, the 14 year olds on Tumblr can afford that,” but you’re wrong. They’ll just steal it. If there’s one thing I know, it’s pizza. If there’s a second thing I know, I know Tumblr. I haven’t accomplished much in my life.

Now excuse me while I rewatch this scene of Martin Freeman taking his clothes off in Fargo. Again. For like the tenth time.