There’s A Gay Avenue Butt Stabber On The Loose In Cleveland!


A 24-year-old man was stabbed “in the butt” as he slept in a Gay Avenue home in Cleveland earlier this week, and he told investigators that although he didn’t know who attacked him, it was allegedly over a girl. Huh, I wouldn’t imagine many girls usually factor into Gay Avenue butt stabbings. Unless it has to do with pegging? I guess it could always be pegging.

Oh, except it was that other kind of stabbing. reports:

An emergency medical crew drove the man to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he finally opened up to investigators.

The victim told police that the culprit goes by “Donte” and “lives in the hood.” He refused to say anything else about his assailant.

I don’t want to throw around Omar Little comparisons all willy nilly irresponsibly or anything … But there was literally an episode of The Wire where Omar describes shooting a character named “Mike-Mike” in the butt over a cocaine disagreement. Cleveland Omar? Cleveland Omar.