There’s A Place Called Rabbit Island And It’s Occupied By More Wild Bunnies Than You Can Even Imagine

Just a short ferry ride from mainland Japan, Okunoshima was once known for its manufacturing of poisonous gas during World War II. Now, decades later, the island’s reputation has changed rather drastically, thanks in large part to its booming population of wild bunnies. Cue the cute police.

The thousands of furry fluffballs can often be seen wandering through forests and hopping along down dirt paths as though they own the place. As the island’s many tourists can attest, the rabbits are, for the most part, friendly and very approachable. In fact, groups of them have even been known to playfully “smother” visitors (see video below).

To this day, the rabbits’ presence is widely regarded as a mystery. Some theorize they are the descendents of those rabbits used for testing back in the 1940s. Others claim a few were merely brought to the island in the late 20th century and have since reproduced in large numbers.

Below, watch a few clips about this wondrous place (and then promptly book your plane ticket!).

Via The Guardian