There’s Something About Mystique

Entertainment Editor

Fox has released another X-Men: First Class character trailer to go with the ones for Banshee, Havok, and Beast from last week.  The new one is for Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence), and shows her interacting with Magneto (ooo, foreshadowey).  Bonus: Magneto moves something without doing the GRRR, ACTING hand movement.  And here we were looking forward to a movie where Michael Fassbender constantly waves his arm like a creepy Vegas magician and James McAvoy has one finger permanently glued to his temple.  Then again, this is Fox, so they might still do that.

Here’s a bit of trivia to keep in mind about this Mystique trailer.  Back in January, Jennifer Lawrence described the make-up process for Mystique as “One naked girl and seven pairs of hands all over her” (and we posted our .gif reactions to this news).  Just something to think about. We care deeply about the filmmaking process.


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