These Adorable Little Pandas Would Really, Really Rather Not Take Their Medicine

11.01.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

Parents know the struggle of having to get children to take their medicine. (I once threw such a psycho tantrum at the doctor’s office that we were forced to reschedule not once, but twice — I’m the worst, I know.) Apparently it’s not just kids who throw fits at the sight of needles or hate the taste of anything remotely non-chocolate.

In the clip above, from Chengdu, China, two little pandas (read ADORABLY FLUFFY FURBALLS) wrestle around with a man who is simply trying to administer medicine. Really, those pandas are just NOT HAVING IT and will do whatever it takes to keep the syringe away.

Side note: I would like to learn that awesome wraparound/wrestling panda move at the :06 mark.

Via BBC News

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