These Anonymous Ninth Grade Sex Ed Questions Will Make You Glad You’re Not A Teenager

Coming into puberty is quite the murky time for most adolescents, as documented by this sex ed teacher who spent three years teaching 14 and 15-year-old ninth grade students at public high schools in upper-middle-class areas of Virginia and California. During this time, this person collected quite the assortment of anonymous sex ed questions that he or she has now shared on Reddit, which will make you wonder how the hell you managed to get through it all.

The notes have been separated into different categories, such as the above group that focuses completely on questions about penis size. Unfortunately, this topic never stops being a mystery for many men and women.

Another popular query on the subject of sex is how much does it hurt:

I’m mostly disturbed by the fact that most teens have no idea how to spell “masturbate” on this one:

“Couldn’t a woman just stuff it in?” Trust me, kid. You’re like 15. I wouldn’t worry:

The topic of birth control is another enigma:

But no topic is a bigger mystery than putting it in where the poo comes out:

And there’s plenty more where those came from. You can read the rest here in this Imgur gallery.

(Reddit via Cosmopolitan)

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