These Bodybuilders Spend $75,000/Year To Remain ‘America’s Best Looking Couple’

The “humble people” tag has only been used three times in UPROXX history.

The first was when it was rumored that Kanye West would name an upcoming album I Am God (he eventually went with Yeezus), followed by Axl Rose weighing in on “having the greatest vocal range of all-time.” But lack of humility isn’t just for musicians — it can also happen to gym rats like Buck and Michelle Miller, America’s self-proclaimed “best-looking couple.”

They spend $75,000 every year “on manicures, pedicures, haircuts, tanning sessions, and gym membership” to maintain their made-up title that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris would win, anyway. BUCK (I bet he always writes his name in all-caps) said that “every time we walk by a mirror, we look — not because we’re cocky, but just because you’re always looking for things you can improve on.” I wonder which one of them thinks there are eight days in a week. EL WRONGO.