These Dogs Do Not Appreciate Getting Barked At By A Human Being

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06.17.14 3 Comments

Magician Jose Ahonen, who previously brought us Dogs Reacting to Magic, has teamed up with comedian and voice actor Rudi Rok (most badass name ever) to show us how dogs react to some of the most convincing barking ever to come out of a human being. Seriously though, how the hell do you think they’d react? It’s pretty safe to say that most dogs don’t like being barked at by other dogs, and throwing a person into the mix doesn’t do the situation any favors.

Still though, it’s fun to watch the confusion on their little doggie faces. This is exactly why I have an app on my phone that plays a variety of cat noises such as meowing, yowling and hissing — so when any of my little feline a-holes get out of line I can give them the what’s for.

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