These Miniature Lego Consoles Are 8-Bit Adorable

04.01.13 6 years ago

Classic video games, Lego and miniatures are three of my favorite things in this world, so yeah — there’s no way in hell I’m not going to post about some guy making an awesome miniature NES and Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES) out of Lego.

I mean, look at that NES up there — all the details are pretty much spot on (you can even open it up and pop a tiny Lego cartridge in) and yet the entire thing is only a couple inches wide. The Flickr user who posted these pics, CK Tsang, has some serious talent. Hit the jump for more pictures of the itty bitty Lego NES and the Lego Famicom…

via The Brothers Brick

Blow in this cart and you might just blow it away.

The Famicom really was a lot nicer looking than the NES, wasn’t it?

Yup, he even made a Famicom Disk System.

These kinds of miniature Lego creations should get more attention — personally I find them just as impressive as the mega-sized models you usually see passed around the Internet.

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