These People Paid $400 To Stand Awkwardly Next To Avril Lavigne Without Touching Her

Brazilian Avril Lavigne fans paid a whopping R$800 (about the equivalent of $400USD) to be photographed standing next to their idol and her dumb Skrillex hair at a meet and greet, which didn’t even include the price of the ticket. And what else did their $400 buy them? Oh, just strict instructions to stand an arm’s length away from Lavigne, not to hug or touch her in any way, under any circumstances, unless she hugged or touched them first.

For her part — because the beauty of Avril Lavinge is that her sh*tty attitude far surpasses the stank of her music or fashion choices — the “Sk8er Boi” singer handled the fans request with aplomb, teeth-grittingly smiling the way one does when being asked to pose with a distant great aunt at a family reunion while your mom tries to figure out to hold the camera the right way.

If I paid $400 to meet Avril Lavigne only to be told that I had to stand next to her while she silently seethed at my existence, I would at least take the opportunity to get a photo of myself giving both middle fingers to Avril Lavigne, which actually might be worth $400. I guess that’s what separates me from your average, run-of-the-mill Avril Lavigne fan, though.

All photos via imgur

(Via Jezebel)