These Student Election Posters Will Make You Wish You Were In High School Again

Senior Pop Culture Editor
03.30.12 4 Comments

In fourth grade, I ran for my class treasurer. Like any enterprising youngster in the pre-Internet age (*shudder*), I used Magic Markers, glitter, and a dash of non-marker magic to make my posters, which I then taped up all over my elementary school. In a word, they were TERRIBLE. At one point, I misspelled my name, and rather than starting over on a new poster, I crossed out “Jobh” and wrote “Josh” next to the giant squiggle.

Thankfully, kids these days are much more enterprising. For example, some guy Justin Hughes is running for vice president of his class in Anytown, U.S.A., and he appears in a series of pop culture-friendly posters for his campaign. Some of them are “Doctor Who,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and “Hunger Games”-themed, and they’re all awesome.

I feel bad for whoever’s running against him.

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