These Vintage Mad Men Playboy Covers Are Pretty F-ing Fantastic

I couldn’t call it a day without sharing a couple of these incredible fake vintage Playboy covers featuring the ladies of Mad Men. Seeing these offerings from Tauntr brought me back to the time a childhood buddy and I ran across his father’s hidden stash of nudie mags filled with images captured back during a time before breast implants and bikini waxes. It was at the time the greatest day of my life. I’m pretty sure my penis could have been used as a tool to break into a bank vault on that day.

Above, of course, is Joan Holloway — the most classic, vintage Playboy looking character on the show, and probably the one most likely to have actually posed in it if given the chance. In fact, that’d be a great secondary storyline for the next season, I think: Joan decides to pose for Playboy and jeopardizes her job and relationship. And below is Alison Brie’s Trudie Campbell lookin’ fine on a cover herself. Go over to Tauntr for a glimpse of Betty Draper and…wait for it…Mrs. Blankenship on covers of their own.