These ‘We’re The Millers’ Jennifer Aniston Striptease GIFs Should Be The Object Of Your Affection

We’re the Millers may not have any exuberant butt slapping in it, at least that we know of, and judging by early trailers, it looks like yet another failed action-comedy. But one thing it and only it, unless of course Adam Duritz has a tape he cries while watching every night, has is Jennifer Aniston performing a striptease for her fake family, including Jason Sudeikis. (SPOILER, just in case the poster didn’t make it clear, she’s a stripper.)

Aniston has been on a press campaign for the film this week, discussing eating kale chips this and being 44 years old that, but we’ll let the GIFs do the talking. Getting friendly with a banana is SO 2011.