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06.16.10 2 Comments

Valve explained what the “surprise” about Portal 2 is at E3 yesterday afternoon, when Gabe Newell made an appearance to announce Portal 2 will be releasing in 2011.  Even more surprising: it will be available for the PS3 even though Newell has said in the past that the PS3 is a “waste of everybody’s time.”  Even more surprising: the Spanish Inquisition.

The first minute of the first video below is the kickass trailer for the game, followed by a demo from E3 showing gameplay footage, including tractor beams, “Faith Plates” that fling you in the air, “Thermal Discouragement Beams” (sweet lasers), “Pneumatic Diversity Tubes” (giant freakin’ vacuums), “Repulsion Gel” that makes a surface propel you farther when you jump off it, and “Propulsion Gel” that lets you slide across a surface more quickly.  This game looks hellaciously difficult.  And awesome.

HD trailer available here.

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