‘Thief’ And ‘Dying Light’ Debut Gameplay-Free Trailers

It’s the Friday before E-3, and everybody’s looking for a little free publicity. Hence, Dying Light and Thief both have gorgeous trailers. Of course, there’s no gameplay footage, but they’re still pretty neat.
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First of all, it’s a little awkward that this trailer has a few first-person shots: It feels a bit like they’re trying to pretend they worked some gameplay footage in there. But, nonetheless, it’s a pretty neat little trailer, telling a full story in two minutes and change, and it seems the game will be centered more around running gauntlets and getting away from enemies than trying to kill them. Also, the protagonist looks a lot like Cole from inFamous, something that electric wrench of his doesn’t really help. Although you’d think Cole would do better with zombies…


Meanwhile, this might be an achievement in animation.

Seriously, watch this trailer. We’re genuinely uncertain about whether this is a mix of live-action footage and in-game cinematic, or whether it’s all cinematic footage. The in-engine footage we’ve seen is impressive, albeit not quite as good as this. If this is an indication of what the engine can pull off? Wow.

Still, come on, guys. Let’s make with some gameplay footage, so we can see what these games can really do.