‘Thief’ Finally Emerges From The Shadows, And It Looks Surprisingly Good

The new Thief title coming out in a little over month has been a hard game to get a read on. Some of the trailers have looked impressive, but we haven’t seen much gameplay footage and according to rumor, development of the game has been rocky.

Well, today Square-Enix and Thief developer Eidos Montreal finally dropped some nice meaty chunks of gameplay footage, and surprise, the game actually looks quite good! It seems like the stealthy stuff will be nuanced enough to please even you hardcore Thief fans — you have to keep constant track of light sources and the surfaces you’re walking on, and there are plenty of fun peepholes to peek through. Yeah, the game looks a little like Dishonored, or a Victorian version of Eidos Montreal’s last game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but those aren’t exactly unflattering comparisons. Some old-school fans may grumble, but it looks to me like this Thief is on solid footing.

Here’s a nice 14-minute-long look at Thief in action.

Here’s a different approach to the mission in the first video…

Finally, here’s a look at a Zelda-esque underground area…

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start stealing some s–t.

via IGN