Things I Saw On The Internet Today That I Want Really Bad

As I’ve noted previously, I spend hours each day wandering around the Internet, and often I run across things that I find myself wanting really bad. For instance, I want the Batman and Robin costumes for dogs shown above, mainly because, well, why not?
Anyway, after the jump are some of the other things I saw today that I want, and you’ll probably want them too after you see them.
I want this poster framed and hanging on my wall.
(via Alex Leo)
I want to go to South Africa so I can see the “sky sharks” do their thing with my own eyes.
I want all monuments built in honor of brutal dictators repurposed by street artists after they’ve been overthrown.
I want to eat this Oreo cookie food art.
( )
I want this Sarah Palin t-shirt…SOOOO BAD.
I want a gelato bar made from St. George’s single malt whiskey.
( )