This Adorable Little Girl Is Completely Devastated That The Saints Traded Jimmy Graham To Seattle

One of the most shocking trades amongst the flurry that hit the start of NFL free agency earlier today was the New Orleans Saints sending tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks. Judging from the reactions around the web, you’d think the Saints essentially traded him for a sack of magic beans and a pack of Black & Milds. A deal that Chip Kelly promptly traded his entire offensive line for, I might add.

No reaction tops this little girl, though. She’s completely devastated from the start and it just builds until the very end of the video when the water works finally breach her defenses.

This is the same type of reaction my grandfather had when he ran out of beer. All of the stages of grief thrown into a blender and tossed out into one craggy, racist, flesh bag. This girl is better than that and I’m sorry your favorite player left town.

(Via Ashley-Ann Woods)