This Adorably Selfish German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Share The Water Bowl

The description of this YouTube video suggests that Brynja the German Shepherd puppy has not gotten this whole “sharing” thing down yet. She attempts to evade the other dogs with what I assume to be the communal water dish, barely managing to keep all of the water from sloshing out. Counterpoint: Maybe she’s just a dog germaphobe? My dog also refuses to drink out of communal water dishes, like the ones thoughtful local businesses put out on the sidewalk on hot days, even if she’s dying for a drink.

Would you want to share a water bowl with a bunch of dogs? You do know most of them eat cat poop, right? Maybe some dogs are just more enlightened than we understand. Personally, I don’t blame little Brynja one bit.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)