This ‘Anthony Carmelo’ Doll From Walmart Looks A Lot Like…Jeremy Lin?


-This is a 14″ Anthony Carmelo doll on Walmart’s website
-There is no player on the New York Knicks named ‘Anthony Carmelo’
-There is no player in NBA history named ‘Anthony Carmelo’
-There is a player named ‘Carmelo Anthony’
-He plays for the New York Knicks
-He does not wear #17
-He is black
-Jeremy Lin once played for the New York Knicks
-He wore #17
-He is Asian

HYPOTHESIS I: This Jeremy Lin doll is being re-purposed as a fake player named Anthony Carmelo.

HYPOTHESIS II: Anthony Carmelo is a mysterious draft holdover from the Isiah Thomas era.

HYPOTHESIS III: Walmart’s drunk


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