The World’s Coolest 102-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her Birthday At A Long Island White Castle

True story: I had White Castle for the first time just five years ago. My husband (then boyfriend) and I were on a road trip and he made me find a White Castle along our route which we then had to drive 10-15 miles out of our way to get to. As I bit into one of the small, soggy burgers I declared it to be one of the most disgusting things I had ever eaten in my entire life, and then immediately demanded another upon finishing. And another.

To this day I’m not convinced they’re not putting something into those damn burgers, but whatever it is, it’s been keeping a Long Island woman, Madeleine Turpan, alive for most of the past century — who celebrated her one-hundred and second birthday at the fast food chain last week. Turpan, who used to be a registered dietician, has been eating at White Castle for the past seventy years and still enjoys a meal of square burgers at least once a month.

This was an extra special birthday for the 102-year-old — who declared it to be the best one she ever had — as she was inducted into the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame.

Madeleine, who still enjoys red wine with dinner, lives in a nearby assisted living center. She went back to college and got her degree at age 75. She may love the greasy little burgers, but what really keeps her full is spirit.

“The best part so far today has been being right here, right now, with all these lovely people around here, every one of them. All friends,” said Madeleine.

Friends, White Castle and wine. I think we could all learn a little something from a 102-year-old with that kind of positive outlook and philosophy on life. And that whatever they put in White Castle can make you live to be 100+ years old. Also it’s delicious, albeit in the grossest way possible. Goddamn it. *gets in car and drives 60 miles to the nearest White Castle*

(WABC-7 via Huffington Post)