This Befuddled Man Will Never Park His Car Like A Jerk Ever Again

People who live in big cities and have to take the subway to work think they have it bad, but they don’t have to worry about the dreaded two-spot whores. Allow me to set a scene: you’re driving up to your office building and after spent week having to park in the last row of the lot, you find a spot right up front…that you JUST can’t fit in because some jerk’s parents never taught them to stay between the lines. It’s maddening, grounds for murder.

But rather than paint their office building red WITH BLOOD, some intrepid youngsters got back at their Old Man Sucks at Parking by giving him a taste of his own medicine. You almost feel bad for the poor befuddled bozo, until you remember he committed a crime worse than regicide: taking up two parking spots.