This Black Man Had The Right Response To A White Stripper Calling Him The N-Word

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06.04.14 97 Comments
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UPDATE: Racist Stripper Lady Doesn’t Understand What She Did Wrong; Has A Black Cousin

There are (unfortunately) thousands of horrible racists on YouTube, either being filmed in the act of calling someone the most hurtful word they can think of, or, for some reason, they’re the one doing the filming. The video below falls into the former category, with a black man in a car in Cheektowaga, New York, recording a white woman repeatedly calling him a “n*gger” (in front of her poor kids) because he had the audacity to start his car? It’s unclear exactly what provoked her, beside her clearly being a terrible person, but what separates this is from all the other tone-deaf racist tirades is one line:

“You know how many cops I’ve stripped for!”

She seems fun. *rolls up window*

Via Reddit

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