This Boobs-Shaped Florida Nightclub Once Known As ‘The Booby Trap’ Will Sadly Be Demolished

It’s finally happened, you guys. I didn’t think it could be accomplished by one thousand chimpanzees blogging from one thousand laptops — but twice in the same week I’ve now covered stories involving strip clubs formerly known as “The Booby Trap.” While the last one took place in Detroit’s scenic Eight Mile neighborhood, this one comes courtesy of Florida. As if there could be two more appropriate places in the country to house strip clubs known as “The Booby Trap.”

This Booby Trap is located in Winter Park, Florida, which currently houses Club Rio but is most famously known by its original and much better name, is on the verge of being sold and demolished. After years of criminal activity and arrests of both Club Rio clientele and employees alike (in addition to residents claiming that the club is an “eyesore”), the city is offering to buy the property for $990,000 — well beyond the property value which ranges from $455,000 to $830,000, depending on the source.

If Winter Park city commissioners vote to approve the deal on December 8th — which is apparently looking very likely — then the city will demolish the property and sell it, with strict regulations that no adult-oriented business will be allowed to open at the site.

I can’t say for sure whether or not Sara McLachlan had a boobs-shaped strip club in mind when she wrote this song, but I feel like it’s pretty appropriate given the circumstances.

(ClickOrlando / WESH2 via BroBible)