This Brilliant Criminal Was Caught After Leaving His ID-Tagged Wiener Dog At The Scene Of The Crime


A 31-year-old man was arrested and sentenced to six months in jail after stealing $5 and a laptop from a denture clinic in Gatineau, Quebec earlier this month while the lone staffer working the desk left to get lunch. According to Canoe, the employee returned to find several holes in the wall leading to the clinic, which had not been locked, and the apparent thief’s pet dachshund at the scene of the crime.

Authorities were able to easily ascertain the thief’s identity, however, by the ID tag the dog was wearing. A criminal mastermind this was not, people. But that’s not even the most baffling part of the story to me. This guy essentially traded a dachshund, which is a fairly desirable breed of dog, for what was probably some junky Acer laptop and five bucks? I guess this is just confirmation that the meth industry is doing great in Canada!