This Canadian Man Dancing To Backstreet Boys In 1999 Is Your New Internet Hero

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.17.13 10 Comments

bsb canada

And the award for the Most Internet’y Video That Interneted the Internet goes to…”Backstreet’s Back circa 1999 Canada’s Wonderland.” For completely inexplicable, though delightful reasons, a video of, I’m assuming, the Star Wars Kid’s Creepy Uncle on His Dad’s Side, whom I’ve named Frank, has gone viral, and the world’s better of for it. In the pre-Willenium clip below, we see a chubby man with short shorts and long self-esteem dance to BSB’s “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto…IN FRONT OF FIRE AND A ROCKET SHIP.

Is he original? Yeah. Is he the only one? God I hope so. Am I sexual? Almost too sexual. Am I everything you need? Assuming all I need is a video of an SCTV character come to life dancing to a boy band song, and not oxygen, yes.

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