This Caterpillar Is Going To Murder You And Everyone You Love

A lot of insects have markings on them meant to mimic big scary eyes or teeth, but the Australian pink underwing moth caterpillar takes it to whole other level. I’d rather bump into Jason Voorhees in the woods on a moonless night than wake up to one of these little f–kers crawling up my chest.

Hit the jump for some choice pics of these nightmares of nature…

via The Daily Mail Online

photos by Lui Webber

Argh! Well, screw you too mother nature!

The weird boner-ish looking tail is just icing on the horror cake.

All this guy needs is a bolt of lightning in the background and a little machete in his nubby hand.

Here’s what these caterpillars turn into. They’re critically endangered. Hey Australians — finish ’em off for us, won’t you?